A Message on Salvation

The purpose of this lesson is to give you a better understanding of the power and importance of Salvation. It is also designed to help you as a believer to share the message of salvation to others. The two most important questions that we can ever ask are for God to answer. "God what must I do to be saved? and God where will I spend my eternity?"

What's included in this course? This course covers the importance and benefits of Salvation. It is designed as a teaching tool to give you a better understanding of your own Salvation and how to share the message of Salvation with others. We also designed this as a message and invitation for someone looking to be saved for the first time. This is a free lesson. Amen.

6 Videos
2 Surveys
7 PDFs
Lloyd Glover
Lloyd Glover
Pastor and Senior Instructor

About the instructor

Pastor of I AM for Christ Ministries and The Great Commission Pledge. 26 years' experience in the ministry. Graduate of World Harvest Bible College, the School of the Spirit and Columbia Southern University. A student of Life as an Overcomer and learned experience living several months in Israel and several months in Saudi Arabia witnessing first hand the three Abrahamic religions. Author, Military Retiree, Certified Professional Trainer and Motivational speaker, Senior Instructor, Overseer of two International Christian Websites with followers in 72 Countries. 


It is not by accident that you are here. This is your time and your season to step into faith. God has called you to be an Effective Witness for his Kingdom.     

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