How many times have you listened to someone speaking about the bible and you had to shake your head because they did not know what they were talking about? The bible says in 2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” Reading and studying and what we say to others about the bible is very important to all of us as believers and representatives of Christ. The purpose of our training courses is to give you a better understand of your part in the advancement of God's Kingdom. Many of you are volunteers serving God's people in various positions and others are ministers or Wedding Officiants looking for credentials. The purpose of our ministry is to help you accomplish your personal goals and dreams. We provide Certificates of Excellence upon completion of each of our training courses.

"The Importance of Faith"

  • 2

    Lesson #1 - What is Faith?

    • What is Christian Faith?

    • Video Lesson - What is Faith?

    • Video - What is Faith Trust in God

    • Survey - What is Faith?

    • Survey - Faith Trust in God

    • Reading Assignment - Bible Verses

    • Video Sermon - Radical Faith

    • Survey - Radical Faith

  • 3

    Lesson #2 - How to Activate Your Faith and Put it to Work

    • How to Activate Your Faith and Putting it to Work

    • Video Lesson - How to Activate Your Faith

    • Survey - How to Activate Your Faith

    • Research Assignment - The Importance of Faith

    • Video Lesson - How to Activate Your Faith for the Anointing

    • Survey - Activating Your Faith for the Anointing

    • Put Your Faith to Work

  • 4

    End of Course Test

    • Test on Faith

    • Motivational Video - You Can Do It

    • End of Course Survey

  • 5

    How You Can Help Support Our Ministry?

    • Help Support Our Ministry

About the instructor

Pastor and Senior Instructor

Lloyd Glover

Pastor of I AM for Christ Ministries. 25 years' experience in the ministry. Graduate of World Harvest Bible College and the School of the Spirit. A student of Life as an Overcomer and learned experience living several months in Israel. Certified Professional Trainer and Motivational speaker. Overseer of two International Christian Websites. I have the heart and desire to see that every Christian is trained to be an Effective Witness and Soul Winner for Christ.

It is not by accident that you are here. This is your time and your season to step into faith. God has called you to be an Effective Witness for his Kingdom.