I AM for Christ Ministries Bible Training Center

We Provide On Line Training, Resources and Support for the everyday believer, the everyday Volunteers and for the Independent Ambassador and Ministers for Christ


A Message of Salvation

This is a lesson on Salvation and what does it mean to be saved. This is a tool that can assist you in explaining salvation to someone that you are witnessing to. It is also set up to help a person accept Christ as their Savior for the first time.


The Importance of Faith

This is an introduction course. The question is how much and how important is your faith to you. This course explores why we need to have faith in God.


Defensive Driving Course (4 Hrs.)

This is a course on how to be a defensive driver. Every time that we get behind the wheel. We could be subject to a potential accident. How we response will determine if this will be a positive or negative outcome. Driving defensively saves live


How to Build Strong Faith

How important is your faith to you. Jesus said that everyone of us has been given a measure of faith. That measure is just the beginning and it needs to grow. This course explores how to build your faith.


How to Increase Your Faith

We need faith to pleae God. That is beginning faith. As we grow in our ove for God and we want to do more for the kingdom. We must increase our faith.